Detached House, Repulse Bay

Eastern and Western elements are incorporated into the striking design of the scenic house. Chinese wooden furniture rests on the Western-style black marble floor; the ceiling-to-floor partition, a Chinese-style art piece, highlights the East-West influence while evoking grandeur. On the light-colored timber that serves as base material for the wall lining, protruding Chinese-style line decorations are added to underscore the cultural juxtaposition. Meanwhile, the living room window is transformed into a glass wall to capture more natural light and minimize obstruction to the stunning view.

Location: Repulse Bay
Dimension: 10,000 sq. feet

CNS interior design co. Limited

Unit 5, 5/F, Shun Fat Industrial Building,
No. 17 Wang Hoi Road,
Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
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