Viking Villas

Inspired by the home of a nobleman, step inside a creation exuding understated European-style luxury, with hues of white, gold and blue.

The design team replaced multiple separate windows with one large pane that offers a clear, unobstructed view to capture more natural light for the living room, which warms the space up. To reinforce the sense of European luxury, lamps and protruding lines are installed on the living room walls. A partition wall between two rooms is taken down to create a larger master bedroom, within which a marble feature wall clearly divides a walk-in closet and resting area. A television is mounted on the feature wall to fulfill the owner’s entertainment needs. All cables and receivers are well-hidden inside the wall and kept in the floor cabinet to ensure unhindered spaciousness.

Location: North Point
Dimension: 700 sq. feet

CNS interior design co. Limited

Unit 5, 5/F, Shun Fat Industrial Building,
No. 17 Wang Hoi Road,
Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
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